Our Clients

What Is A ‘Unique Profile Management’ At EFOS, How Will It Help Me As EFOS Client ( Or Opportunity Provider)?

For Education & Training Institutes/Industry training program Opportunity Providers
What Kind Of Students/Youth EFOS Have?

What Is The Surety That You Can Provide 100 Students For Our Admission Requirements?

Our Training/Education Program Need 200 Candidates Every Month, Can You Provide That ?

We Are Looking For Candidates Who Should Be From At Least 300 Km From Our Location, Will You Be Able To Provide That?

Our College/Institute Has Admission Criteria Of Minimum 60% In 12th, And We Need Bright Candidates, How You Will Help Us?

Our Training Program/ Educational Course Is Very Specific And It Requires Very Specialized Candidates To Join. How Sure You Are That EFOS Can Engage Such Candidates For Us.

What Promotion Activities EFOS Undertakes To Reach Out To The Candidates? How Will Our Brand Be Used In Promotion Of Our Course? How Can We Be Assured That Our Brand Is Not Affected While Promoting The Course?

We Want To Make Sure That There Is No False Commitment Is Being Made For The Admission In Our Institute Or There Is No Money Transaction For Committing Our Institute Admission. How Will You Ensure This?

We Are An International Institute; Will EFOS Help With Visa Processing And Other Formalities Also?

We Want To Conduct An Online Test And Personal Interview While Short Listing The Candidates For Our Education/Training Program? How Can EFOS Help Us With That?

We Are Very Specific On The Criteria To Select A Candidate Because Our Program Is Very Specialized. Can You Help Us To Find Those Specific Candidates?

For Employment/Internship/Business partnership Opportunity providers
Our Main Problem Is Retention Of The Candidates In The Job. How Will EFOS Address That?

There Are Many Candidates Leaving The Company As Soon As They Join Or In Some Time, How Will EFOS Help In Solving This Problem? Are There Any Ways EFOS Can Help In The Retention Of The Candidates

There Are Some Govt Initiatives Like NEEM , NAPS And Such Work Integrated Education Models. Can EFOS Support Us In Implementing These Schemes?

How Can EFOS Help Us In Relocation Of The Candidates?

We Are Hiring For Our Outstation Plant Which Is In A Remote Area. How Will EFOS Convince Candidates To Join There?

For Scholarship/Targeted assistance or Training or Job Opportunity providers
Our Scholarship Is Very Specific, It Wants Outreach To A Particular Location With Particular Criteria? How Will You Solve That Problem?

Our Skill Development Centre Requires Candidates Only From BPL Background And Also They Need To Be Ready For Job. How Will EFOS Ensure That (A) They Do Not Drop Out And; (B0 Join In Numbers We Require At A Particular Time? We Also Have To Maintain Category Ratio While Selecting The Candidates.