Our Story

What Is Education Future One Stop(EFOS)?

EFOS is DIPP recognised tech startup in the ‘Education, Skills, Scholarships, Jobs and Internships’ domain.

What Drives EFOS?

Education, Employment, Employability and Entrepreneurship development of Indian Youth.

What Is EFOS Vision?

EFOS enables youth to plan and undertake informed, trust based choices for education, skill development and career planning and progression.

What Is EFOS Mission?

EFOS strives to create India's foremost data driven platform with physical reach to the rural and remote locations, connecting youth to verified sources of education, certificate courses, skill development and placement opportunities and; access to support(s) from government and private sector stakeholders.”

What Is The EFOS Proposition?

To address the need of Indian youth in getting access to verified information, counseling and handholding on trusted.

- university/college/online courses in India and Abroad.

- vocational training, skill development and certificate courses for employment.

- Job opportunities (i.e. placements) with the leading brands/employers in all parts of the country.

- Scholarships, recognition of prior learning/skills, targeted assistances/initiatives.

- Special courses aimed on self employment/entrepreneurship.

- To leverage technology and physical network (i.e. hybrid network) in reaching out to youth including those in rural and remote areas, target socio-economic groups for government and Pvt sector programs across the country; bringing scale ,structure and efficiency to current market place and practices.

What Is The Problem EFOS Is Solving?

EFOS is offering ‘scale and structure’ for efficient career counseling, candidate mobilisation and manpower sourcing to industry, institutes, training partners under government and private sector initiatives for Education,Skill development and certification programs, Vocational and certificate courses, Scholarships, Entry level jobs and Internships in India and abroad.

Gap Areas- EFOS Touch Points

How Does EFOS Propose To Solve The Above Problem?

EFOS use ‘technology platform’ for seamless communication and scalable operations along with ‘physical outreach partner network’ to address the current challenges of ensuring wider geographical outreach, demand aggregation, need based matchmaking, maintaining verified and multilayered pool of candidates(i.e. database) for candidate mobilisation and manpower sourcing clubbed with EFOS counselling and handholding to aspiring youth and potential candidates.

What Is EFOS Differentiation Or Uniqueness?

Hybrid Connect: EFOS unique ‘hybrid network and platform’ approach; addresses the current challenges for (a) youth in discovering opportunities and counselling, and; (b) stakeholders in reaching out to target audience for field level mobilization, educate-counsel, assess and engage the candidates meeting eligibility/target criteria.

Wholesome solution : EFOS serves youth on their full range of requirements which include education, skill-training, jobs, internships, scholarships,counselling and necessary hand holding.

Verified Opportunity partner: EFOS is not an aggregator of jobs and college courses providing ‘profiles under subscription model’ to clients. It does the job of the trusted linker and service provider to end use stakeholders (opportunity provider) and candidate ( opportunity seeker).

EFOS through its ‘hybrid network and platform’ shares verified opportunities, provides counselling and handholding to youth for their career progression related to education,skill training and certification programs, vocational courses, jobs and internships, scholarships offered by government, development and private sector stakeholders in India and abroad.

What Is EFOS Primary Focus?

EFOS primary focus is to address the need of Indian youth in getting access to verified information, counselling and handholding on trusted university/college/online courses in India and Abroad vocational training, skill development and certificate courses for employment Job opportunities (i.e. placements) with the leading brands/employers in all parts of the country Scholarships, recognition of prior learning/skills, targeted assistances/initiatives Special courses aimed at self employment/entrepreneurship.

What EFOS Does For Youth Aspirants To Meet Their Career Aspirations?

EFOS inform, educate-counsel, assess to connect and place youth aspirants on verified opportunities in Education, Skills, Jobs, Training, certificates, Scholarships from government and private sector stakeholders in India and abroad.

EFOS engages supply side stakeholders with opportunities for (a) jobs and internships, (b) skill training and certificate courses by government and private sector initiatives, (c) education and vocational institutes, (d) scholarships, (e) overseas admissions for youth giving them services and knowledge inputs for efficient reach out.

EFOS have evolved a unique ‘hybrid network and platform approach’ to maintain near real time engagement with youth, wider geographic outreach including remote-rural areas and the ones with limited access to digital communication.

What EFOS Doesn’t Do ?

EFOS is not an ‘aggregator’ selling ‘candidate profiles’ to third party service providers.

EFOS does not work with (or give services to) education institutes and such stakeholders having no affiliation or those who come under grey line as per the relevant affiliation norms.

EFOS ensures the delivery of the ‘promised services’ by the service providers.

EFOS does not force any opportunity to any candidate.It only ‘share and suggest’ verified options and opportunities available on its platform with the candidates based on their profile and expressed needs. The decision to avail specific opportunity lies with the candidate.

EFOS does not charge any fee from the candidates for sharing the opportunity and/or connecting with opportunity providers.

EFOS does not ensure (or guarantee) the selection to any candidate in any opportunity shared on its platform. It's the sole discretion of the opportunity provider to select the candidate/student . EFOS services include shortlisting and referring ‘interested’ candidates with the opportunity provider leaving final selection with the provider and its acceptance to candidates.

EFOS does not engage in (or entertain any practice) facilitating backdoor job entry or admission (in lieu of payment/donation ) for any opportunity shared on its platform. If any EFOS partner or employee happens to be communicating/committing such things , please inform help@efos.in

Who Are Our Target Beneficiaries ?

Indian citizens and youth (16-35 yrs age) looking for information, counselling and access to education, skills training and certification, internships and job opportunities in India and abroad.

Industry, Government and private sector stakeholders initiatives with opportunities for youth

How Does EFOS Generate Revenue ?

EFOS earns ‘service fees’ on successful closure of opportunity for eligible candidate from ‘opportunity provider’ industry, Institutes in education and career options, training partners of government and private sector initiatives.

Uniqueness Of EFOS?

EFOS uniqueness lies in its hybrid network which combines EFOS online platform and physical network of partners for wider outreach bringing ‘scale, structure and efficiency’ to candidate mobilisation and manpower sourcing.

How Does EFOS Work ?

We work closely with our clients (opportunity providers) and our physical outreach partners to deliver verified/trusted information and value to youth (opportunity seeker).

What EFOS Stands For ?

Sharing trusted and verified career building opportunities with youth

Deploying physical network for outreach to youth with geographical, socio-economic, digital communication constraints on their career and future planning .

What EFOS Mean By Career Opportunities ?

Opportunities in Education, Vocational education, Training and Skill Development from government recognised/approved institutes and program partners. Opportunities for jobs, on Job training, education-training with employment promise in various sectors. Scholarships available in India/Abroad for education, research and vocational education. Industry Trainings for self employment/entrepreneurship/business channel partnerships

What EFOS mean by verified and trusted opportunities?

EFOS takes cognizance of potential ‘malpractices’ in the Education and Employment domain which thrives on ‘lack of information’ in the public domain and ‘corrupt practices’ by supply side stakeholders. For example :

Jodhpur National University case for Graduatoin/Post Graduation/B Ed and Phd.


EFOS takes extra efforts to ascertain the credentials of ‘ supply side stakeholders and the opportunities offered by them’ on its platform . It also proactively undertakes takes public and policy advocacy efforts to raise awareness on such incidences, practices and stakeholders in multiple forums and levels for necessary action.